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Re: No CSS – Member & Home Theme



I’m having the same problem. I just installed BuddyPress 1.0rc2 today, and it’s the first WPMU install for me, and obviously the first BP install as well. I’ve been running WP for over 2 years though, on the same server (different domain), with complete success.

The install seemed to go fine, and I followed the instructions to also use the BP-home theme for the WPMU home page as well (it fails with any of the 4 choices of home page themes).

The site comes up correctly in IE7. In Firefox (3.0.10) and Chrome (, no CSS gets loaded.

I’m running this on CentOS 5.2, using NginX 0.7.53. WP runs perfectly.

It’s not an “access” problem. Firebug shows that the CSS file is read correctly (and I can see all of the lines in there, so NginX is serving up the CSS). But, for whatever reason, FF and Chrome both decide that it’s not CSS, and just ignore the styles completely (Firebug says that there are no style elements on the page).

Looking at the NginX debug logs, IE takes the css file with an “Accept: */*” and FF takes it with an “Accept: text/css”. Otherwise, I don’t see any obvious differences.

If I code up my own html file, and use the exact same syntax for the css <link> line that BP generates, FF will _correctly_ parse the css file.

The only thing that seems strange in the BP generated code is that the HTML fails the W3C validator for including an “id=_wpnonce” in the hidden search form field _two times_. But, if I remove one of those lines, FF still fails to parse the css.

Here are the links (the site has zero in it at the moment):

Here is a link to my “test” html file, which loads the same css file (where I added yellow as the background color in custom.css):

Just to show that the css file is accessible:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

P.S. The most obvious difference between my tiny HTML file and the generated one is that I have no DOCTYPE or “profile=” in mine…

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