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Re: No Group Forums


I have had the same problem for the last few days, using wpmu2.7.1, bp1.0, bb1a6, bbpress integration plugin and buddypress-enable.

The steps that seem to have solved the problem:

1. Delete all cookies.

2. Go to bbpress, register a new user. Log into bbpress as keymaster and give define that new users as admin.

3. Create a new forum in bbpress (any new forum).

4. Log into wpmu, go to forums setup and use the new user you just created.

5. Delete all cookies.

5. Log in, try starting a new group in wpmu.

I’m trying to pinpoint which of these steps did the trick to reuse it beyond my test installation.

Let me know whether it works for you as well, and if you figure out what the reason is.

Good luck

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