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Re: Nothing appearing under “My Blogs”

The problem is that it seems to be random. I was hoping I’d be able to replicate it after I saw it happen again last night… but no dice. There’s no point creating a defect ticket if you can’t outline the steps to replicate the defect. If the developers can’t replicate it… they can’t fix it.

I searched on the WPMU forums too but didn’t find anything related to this issue.

With no user blogs at all, just the main blog, if you create a new user they have no blogs listed under “My Blogs”. That’s normal I guess since they did not create the main blog. So I log in as admin and make the new user an admin on the main blog. Now the main blog shows up under “My Blogs”. Also normal. The weird thing is that if I then REMOVE their admin privileges… the main blog STILL shows up under “My Blogs”. That doesn’t seem right.

Can anyone here remember what they did just before they started seeing the problem of disappearing blog listings / menus? Also… what are your privacy settings?

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