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Re: Nothing appearing under “My Blogs”

It’s beyond me. It has nothing to do with the theme though. The HTML source shows the following:

<li id="bp-adminbar-blogs-menu"><a href="">My Blogs</a><ul></ul></li>

So there’s nothing under the “My Blogs” drop down menu. Just an empty ul. This is with no plugins and the final versions of WPMU2.9.1.1 (sub domain install option) and BP 1.2. But I have another site running the same versions and it’s fine. The only difference is the database (obviously) and that other install is a “blogs in a sub directory” install. One works. One doesn’t.

So it has to be a database or configuration thing. But I can’t for the life of me think of what changed. Unless the client changed something. I even put the two dashboards up side-by-side for the two sites and went through every config screen to set them all to the same settings. One works. One doesn’t. Argh.

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