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Re: Organising content for recurring events / activities



Hi and thanks for the Answer!

The volonteers are working in different cultural institutions. E.g. schools, Goethe Institut, german broadcasting, museums,…

I search for a way, that it is possible to seperate e.g. the users. So for every new generation of volonteers a own Group of volonteers. But it shouldn’t be a normal group of buddypress.

It’s a good idear with the tags. But there are volonteers who go abroad for 6 months and others for 12 months. So these who are abroad for 12 months are going to get mixed with those who start half a year later.

I need a way to seperate every half year the users into Groups like “Went abroad in Sep 2009” / “Went Abroad in March 2010”,…

Sure, it would be nice if everyone could stay in contact to each other. So if the new have questions they can ask.

Hmmmm… I siply don’t have an idear what to do. :)

Thanks a lot of following answers!


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