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Re: page not found errors

Oh man, barking like a dog would have fixed it ;) Oh well…

1) What versions of WordPress and BuddyPress?
2) What are the file permissions on .htaccess? Can the webserver write to it? If you do have to change the permissions, then after doing so, go back into WordPress and change the permalink settings to something else. Then set it back to what you wanted the permalink to be and try again (this will re-write the relevant part of the htaccess).
3) What other plugins are you running? What theme are you using? If it’s custom, what sort of thing do you have in its functions.php?
4) What type of GoDaddy hosting are you using?

If you’re using WPMU aka Multisite on GoDaddy, as far as I can tell, you’re in for a lot of trouble :(

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