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Re: Page Not Found within BP from Members tab: File location problem?

The default BuddyPress theme, under bp-themes, is the correct place. Any other themes go into wp-content/themes/ as usual. There’s code-magic that makes the WordPress theme page look in the bp-theme folders for the default theme.

I believe your problem is your install path. To quote, “WP installed as a subdirectory (” BuddyPress uses the url “/members/” for its members component. BuddyPress gets confused when you install it in a directory with the same name as one if its components (it can’t parse the URL).

To fix: either reinstall WordPress into the root of your site, or in another directory that’s not called “members”, or try putting this into your wp-config:

define ( ‘BP_MEMBERS_SLUG’, ‘users’ );

This will change BuddyPress’ “members” URL to “users”, so will look like

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