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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!



… but relationships to users need to be maintained, in a ddition to Groups and possibly even events. Then each image must maintain an associated comment/activity stream set of functionality. Finally, in order to be truly useful in a social media context, the ability to “tag” a user in an image will be very important.

That’s all metadata with image files, it has nothing to do with uploading photos, generating thumbnails, etc. I’m not saying writing a plugin to make those connections is easy, but it would be easier than writing an entire gallery/photo app from scratch.

I’ve tested several gallery scripts. I needed something that could handle upload of raw photos. NextGen came close, but still had some problems. If Buddypress tries to build an entire app into the core, it’s never going to be as solid as NextGen or Zenphoto or other established gallery apps.

Obviously Nextgen and Zenphoto are for single user galleries. That doesn’t make them any less suitable as starting points for a BP plugin. There has been some discussion about Nextgen on the WPMU forums.

This photoblog plugin claims to support WPMU. Not sure what it does. Haven’t tested it.

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