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Re: Photo Albums…. omfg!!



OK, since folks are tossing around pennies, I throw 2 of mine in.

I don’t care. That’s right. I don’t care. I just want something that works, will grow over time and is not so slow that I have to upgrade hardware to use it.

If someone wants to hack away at NextGen, great. If someone wants to take on a full script, that’s great too. What I would suggest is we think seriously about scalability. Once random users get to upload media (presumably video at some point), we need scalability. Before the decision to put BP on WP (non-MU), there was much gnashing of teeth about performance. Adding photos/videos stored locally will only make it worse.

One of my main competitors runs on Ning. Users upload photos and videos with no limit. To even approach this I need AWS or some other cloud solution. As Ning people look at BP, that will be a consideration. The DB structure issues seem real and need to be addressed whichever direction is taken.

Mentally, I separate upload, storage, linking, search and display of media. Maybe existing solutions are best for display, but searching, linking and storage in the BP context seems to need some custom work.

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