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Re: please help: Choosing a Host

John James Jacoby


A lot of this comes down to your budget, so you’re going to get a wide array of answers here.

You’re going to need at least php5, and to do subdomains you’ll need to be able to see if they allow you to add a wildcard for that too.

Currently I use 1and1 for most of what I do, but I have to use subdirectories because they don’t allow for wildcarding like that. I also need to force php5 in my .htaccess files because they default to using php4. Blech…

But, so far nothing has ever crashed, I’ve never lost any data, and their prices are relatively cheap compared to some other shared hosts…

This is one of those questions where everyone is bound to give you a different answer, so be prepared to either get a wide variety of responses, or none at all. :D

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