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Re: Plugin Developers: Are you supporting the classic theme in 1.2?

Brajesh Singh


hi Mr Maz

first of all, I think, the Groups creation link is moved to directory page, It should be on the groups directory page.

Now to the question, for all my current developments I am supporting BP 1.2 default as the base theme.

But if a user asks for supporting the bp-classic, I will certainly do that. It all depends on how many people are going to use bp-classic, and only time will tell about that.

In my view, It is better to support the bp-default and then if there is a demand for bp-classic, you may put some extra effort to support bp-classic, but do not use it as default theme for development while developing for bp 1.2.

And this question is most prominent in the case, where your user interface is tightly tied with the theme, so better Provide users with the complete API/template tags documentation and they can port it to any theme they want.

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