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Re: Plugin Hall of Shame! :) Plugin Devs Please Read

You know maybe the problem is us lowly users. If we didn’t depend on plug in developers so much to keep their projects functioning then it wouldn’t be an issue.

I never saw this as an issue with Single user WP plug ins so this is all new to me.

What I don’t understand is, I always assumed that plug in developers had other services that were paid services and creating plug ins was a way to not only contribute to the platform, but to show their expertise and make their names known in the community.

If a plug in goes unfixed and crashes a users or a company’s website, and support for it goes does that help you as a professional ?

And when you do release a premium paid plug in in the future, why would I take a chance that you won’t go missing in action again when it comes to support?

And why would I contribute to a plugin that doesn’t work and hasn’t been updated or answered support questions since late 2009?

Unfortunately some of what could have been/would have been some of the most used plug ins are on that list with no sign of the original developer updating them.

So now, instead of contributing to that developer for their hard work, I have to hire someone else to make it function correctly or build me a new one.

That really sucks.

I’m with Magganpice. I’d be more than happy to make a contribution to Buddypress Registration Options and Ahjira Recent Sitewide Articles, if they would just update them so they actually work.

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