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Re: Plugin Hall of Shame! :) Plugin Devs Please Read



I found this mail sended in 2007 on wp-hackers, while searching for error message stuff at plugin activation

It seems to be be already the same situation in 2010… so devs, you know…

wp-hackers] Plugins : return proper error on activation faliure

Omry Yadan omry at

Fri May 18 07:35:15 GMT 2007

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Some complex plugins may fail during activation (creating database

tables or what not).

currently there is no way for plugins to return an error signal + error

message in such cases: only thing they can do is to print the error.

this is problematic as the error does not fit well into the wordpress

admin page, and can also cause problems if for some reason the someone

tries to set an http header after the plugin was activated.

I suggest that we allow plugin to return error message back to wordpress

on activation.

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