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Re: Plugin Idea: BP Group Pages – please give feedback and support

Hugo Ashmore


Running pretty smoothly on a oldish checkout of Trunk (1.3) and 3.02 though.

Might be too early a concern? created a new member joined a group with an existing doc and am allowed to immediately start editing that doc, ought there to be a level of security along lines of either ‘current_user_can(‘trash_a_doc’) ‘ or perhaps under the group admins ‘Manage Member’ options: ‘kick & ban’ ‘promote to Mod’ ‘Edit Docs’. Conversely perhaps it’s sufficient really to rely on revision history if needing to step back, restore earlier versions.

Is it intentional that I see the same set of docs, or all created docs across all groups or is that something yet to be worked on or a symptom of the install I have? To make a rash, possibly ill thought through, comment I wouldn’t want all docs created appearing in every group would I?

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