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Re: Plugin idea: Buddypress bar on all blogs on your site with \”favourites\” menu



Yeah, they (Andy) made Buddypress in a really weird never before seen way, I had too hack my whole theme to just get it back to normal. Your idea sounds great as well, about the advanced and simple blog option, if they hook it, then you could even make the advanced blog a VIP (paid) only option.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m not that good of a coder, so for me this is impossible, the fact that your asking for someone to make a plugin, suggests that your not a hardcore coder either. So we’ll just have to hope that someone reads this and wants to help. ;)

Anyway, back on topic..

“Add a global header to EVERY blog in your WPMU install (by default the global header isn’t activated on the mainblog) with adding your own HTML and CSS.”

So, plug and play as far as I can see, you can even use PHP in it if you’d like. Not sure how well it’ll work together with Buddypress, but it should show a bar on top of every blog.

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