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Re: Plugin Ideas Thread



I’d like to have the following componentes:

– I’d like to have a Plugin that restricts the access to blogposts (of the mainblog) based on groups i’m suscribed to. E.g. group members of Group A can jsut view blogposts tagged (or categorized) with group a, groupmembers of group b just view group b tagged items and so on.

– The possibilitiy to aggregate various web 2.0 services like facebook, twitter, Google Reader, Google Docs … (I don’t need not necesarily a 2-way synchronisation like Tweetstream and Facestream but it has to be as easy as possible for the endusers (just entering username)). There already exists a Plugin for WP called LifeStream maybe this can be extendet … there’s also someone working on another idea

– I’d like to see a GoogleDocs integration (i think there was a thread about this here a while a go)

– some Privacy component Jeff is working on.

And the best … i have about 1000 US$ to support these 4 projects. I don’t want to have soultions that work only for me, what i’d like to do is to support devs who like to implement some of these functionalities to buddypress or new/existing plugins and have them accessible for the community.

So if your a dev and willing to do this let me know, my support is guaranteed (betatesting, translating, brainstorming and donating)

just answer here or through email: marc (at) idotter (point) ch

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