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Re: Plugin request: Removing “create a blog” options



Jeff, thank you. I have tried out that option and it doesn’t do what I’d like.

We, the admins, have set up a primary blog for our organization, as well as “user blogs:”;; etc. Some users will have posting access, others will not. We want user/contributors to have access to those blogs through the admin bar. We also want user-comments reflected on member “activity” pages. We simply do not want members to *create* blogs.

In component setup, “blog tracking” is responsible for “Tracks blogs, blog posts and blogs comments for a user across a WPMU installation.”

Disabling blog tracking as you’ve suggested does the following:

— Removes “blogs” as an admin bar option. Yes, this removes “create a blog” but also removes access to any of the other blogs a user/contributor has permission to post to. It is removed for user/contributors and admins alike.

— Removes the option from admin bar and member page to access the dashboard or write a new post for blogs you have posting permission — again for both user/contributors and admins.

— Removes comment tracking: comments any user makes are no longer posted to the “activity” area.

Respectfully, because I do appreciate anyone taking the time to answer, this is not the solution I’m looking for. Even if I decided to follow this route, and simply ask user/contributors to use the wp-login page — disabling blog tracking also disables comment tracking, which is a function I’d like to keep.

Sorry for the tl;dr-esque response.

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