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Re: Plugin request: Removing “create a blog” options



@Jeff, yes, but it sounds as if your solution removes blogs from the bar altogether. We plan to make subscribers members of blogs that the Admins set up, just prevent them from creating their own blogs. Subscribers should be able to see the other blogs they’ve been added to.

If I’m understanding the trac ticket, I agree when disabling blog creation in WPMU, the option should disappear from BuddyPress. That was our original hope, but alas no.

Seeing the “create” option and being directed to a page that says “Sorry, no can do” doesn’t convey a user-friendly atmosphere, I think.

@jason Your patch sounds as if it might achieve what I’m hoping. I’m earnestly studying my “Learn PHP the quick and easy way” book, so I’ll see if I can properly add this to bp_core-adminbar without … well, without screwing it up. :)

Thank you so much for answering

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