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Re: Plugin request: Removing “create a blog” options

Jeff Sayre



but it sounds as if your solution removes blogs from the bar altogether. We plan to make subscribers members of blogs that the Admins set up…

You have BuddyPress installed, I assume. So why don’t you give it a try–disabled the blog tracking and see what happens. It does exactly what you’re looking for. It prevents your members (users) from being able to create their own blogs. It does not hide the existing Admin blogs from them.

If you have more than one Admin-created blog, you can place additional buttons, or fancy menus, to those Admin-based blogs.

Unless you change the default behavior, WPMU by default makes all new users subscribers to the primary site blog (Blog ID number 1), which is the Admin blog. If you try out my suggestion, you will see that the “Blog” button is still visible. It takes users to the Admin-created blog. Only the “Blogs” button disappears for sight as it is a link to all user-created blogs, not the Admin blog.

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