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Re: Plugin update first_name, last_name in wp_usermeta on activation



BP1.1 will be released in September pending development speed. I’m inclined to agree with Mike Pratt. Especially if you have a deadline that close, your solution seems very elaborate even trying to use the fullname function from BP. There is no guarantee the first and last name are existing in the username, so you can’t back on that info to be in usermeta. The only way to guarantee accurate first and last name info is to have those in user registration as a mandatory field.

Bypassing the username and using email as a login option further removes you from even having remotely any user information other than the email address.

Sorry to sound a little discouraging, but I’m scratching my head as to how you are trying to achieve this? Perhaps a combination with the email plugin and two required fields for first and last name is your best option, imho.

That way you do need another plugin that needs development after you release your project and stays inline with bp updates and what not.

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