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Re: Pop up box to ammend email upon 1st login



on our site, we created a simple php script that gets the users email, if the email contains “proxy-XXX” it gives them a javascript popup telling them to update their information, when they click “ok” they are redirected to the Settings> General> to change their email

like Burt said, we’ve created a feature that requires an accurate email, so we use this script in a certain section of our site. When a user visits that page, they get the popup.

we’re also contemplating making a custom redirect for facebook sign-ups (not logins) that will take them to a page explaining the difference between a facebook user account and a regular user account. (i.e. sign in the same way you registered, update your email here, fill in your profile there… etc)

if you want, I can share the php we made to accomplish this.

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