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Re: Privacy

Jeff Sayre



Eventually my plugin will encompass group and blog privacy as well.


The graph represents about $125 of funding–which is close to my original goal! ;)

I never expected to achieve the funding goal. That post was for two reasons: an experiment to see if raising development funds was even feasible; an awareness campaign to get people talking and thinking about plugin developers and the vast amount of time that they put into WordPress/Buddyress projects so that the community can benefit from their work.

The goal is an honest assessment of the amount of time (which is then converted to dollars) that I will be required to put into the project in 2010–coding and supporting the plugin. It also covers some of my time already spent on coding the plugin.

As I state in that post, I’m already committed to bringing my privacy plugin up to date to work with BP version 1.2. When that will happen is the question. I am working on it, but not full time as I have another project that has top priority (my startup). Just like anyone else, I must focus most of my efforts on activities that will help me actually earn a living.

Once my BP 1.2-compatible privacy plugin is released, I’m not sure where it will go from there. We will see. Of course, if my privacy plugin gets merged into core (in some form or another), that would be great!

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