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Re: Privacy

Jeff Sayre



Haha! I appreciate the thought. I’m sure Automattic is able to afford to buy many things! I have no issue with Automattic. I do not expect them to pay me.


My code, like any other GPLed theme or plugin is freely available for all to use. So, if Automattic wants to merge my code into BP core, I would be honored and not expect anything else in return.

I hope that my posts (in this thread and on my website concerning this issue) do not come across as me being bitter. That is not the case.

I fully support and believe in the Open Source model as expressed via the GPL. I also believe in giving back to those Open Source projects from which you have benefited. I of course have done that with the hundreds of hours I’ve donated as a moderator on these forums.

The referenced-to post above was just my attempt to try to figure out a possible way where I could actually earn part of my living by creating great-quality plugins for the WordPress / BuddyPress community. I think talented programmers should be able to do that without having to resort to consulting. I have no interest in providing consulting services. I owned a consulting company for 7 years. It was great, but I have no need or intention of going back down that road.

So, enough said with all of this stuff about me and my needs. I appreciate people’s concerns and suggestions.

Let’s put this thread back on track. Please try to limit your comments to the future of privacy in BuddyPress and not about me!

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