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Re: Private Messaging & multiple recipients -> Discussion -> unintended Spam

Mike Pratt


My guess is you are not quite understanding the way private messaging was intended to work. As the name implies, it is a private message. When you send a “private” message to 40 friends, it’s not quite “private” anymore, by some definitions. The same occurs in email when one of your 40 recipients hits “reply all” assuming they were not bcc’d.

As such, when you send a bp message to 40 people, you are, in a sense, establishing a 40 person thread. That’s the way it’s supposed to work (which is great for smaller numbers) In other words, expect 40 replies to the thread and all 40 will get 40 messages. Seems ripe for trouble when you send it to 40! (btw, I am impressed you were able to have the patience to pull off 40 as you had to remember and type 40 names or usernames since this is the only way to do it in BP at the moment.

Second, if you send a message that, upon reply, many members will deem the response as “spam” consider not starting the thread. Just remember, BP messaging was not meant to be like email.

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