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Re: Problem w/ creating groups. Avatar step and Group Blogs does not work, can’t complete.

Oppps… spoke too soon. Now it’s broken again.

So basically php safe mode is off and open base restriction is disabled.

I activated the plugin BP GroupBlogs Version: 1.4.4:

When I did this, I noticed that when I went through the process to create a group, that part came up blank and then I would be sent to the WP failure notice that says:
Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

After that I could not move past to the Avatar upload step.

So I disabled the plugin, but then it would do the WP error at the Avatar step and now it’s not working again.

Here is a video of exactly what I did:

My host said that if there is any info anyone here at BP can give them, they can look into it, but I’m just not sure what the issue is.


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