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Re: Promoting a Social Network. Discuss.



I worked with building a website for academics in psychology in my country. After two years of hard work the website lives on its own pretty much. I’ve found that in my population of interest there’s 1 out of 10 who will actively participate; write something. The rest will just read and lurk. That means that you should calculate with this in mind.

You could always try to partner with that Ning-network and build something with them. If you’ve got an interesting system they might be interested.

I’m about to build my second community and have lots of contacts to get help from now. I’ve got them from the first project so all the hard work has paid off. I’m going to ask them to help me. They will be able to invite people to the network (WPMU plugin). It won’t be spam like (as per DJ Pauls comment).

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