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Re: Promoting a Social Network. Discuss.



I’ve had some immediate success with Twitter, which I have to say, I’ve found to be surprising. I’ve been playing with Twitter for years and never had this kind of response, I suppose the explosion of Twitter’s popularity is to thank for that.

I think you’re likely right Tore, budding up with currently established Ning communities might be the ticket. Advertising as a one-click site creation tool for academics seems to get peoples attention as most people in academics aren’t capable, or don’t care to build a site for themselves.

Andre, you have an interesting idea, using journals and academic publications as an advertising medium. There are a few fledgling gaming journals, getting published would likely not be difficult. Any tips in that area?

Also, for those using Twitter, after some looking I found TweetDeck ( which is like the Twitter command program! It makes managing multiple accounts, topic and user searches, and watching for mentions / messages super easy. It makes running a Twitter campaign almost too easy.

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