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Re: Proof of Concept: Adding Twitter And Friendfeed to Buddypress

Arx Poetica


Sorry for being a little slow on this topic, but activity streams are hard to wrap my mind around, mostly because I don’t quite get the technology. Does openmicroblogging — is this a viable part of Joseph Smarr’s so-called “social stack”? (I think they’ve moved on to calling it something else now, not “social stack,” but I digress…)

I’ll be building a version of a micro stream soon enough, or trying to adapt a former one (such as the “wire”?) to suit my own purposes.

As I understand it, there’s already a bit of a WordPress plugin:

Why rebuild the wheel, when it’s built? Perhaps we should borrow/resuse from that plugin

There’s a bit of development/discussion going on over here for WordPress itself:

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