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Re: Question: Upgrading to most recent development release



Thanks! I am not as advanced as SVN yet. I tend to beta my install and try to keep it up and running, it is a rodeo, but with my pay-grade of bagel it is all I can afford. So if I download the working version and ftp it to my server it should update the database when I get into the back-end for the first time? So I don’t have to run the update.php like in wordpress? That is good. Now, on a live install I know it is not a good idea to do this, but I am hoping the updates will stabilize my install. I am having conflicts with bp and wpmu and every other day something with apache or the conflict is taking my site down. So with no real formal training but self taught persistence, we are getting grizzly with this great product. Loving it, just have not tamed the bull yet.

thanks for help! I can’t wait until wpmu 2.7 is here, any dates yet for a release?


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