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Re: Rank n00b – Is there a tututorial for *after* it’s installed? BBPress especially….



There is no bbPress admin panel when using bbPress for BuddyPress.

First of all, I should let you know that BuddyPress is not a forum script, it’s a social networking plugin. If you’re expecting a forum, then you might want to use something else like Simple:Press.

Forums in BuddyPress follows a concept called “Groups“. You need to create a group to create a discussion forum. This is similar to how Facebook’s fan pages operate. Administration settings for forums are handled by group administrators and moderators.

The second thing you need to do is login to the WordPress dashboard, navigate to “BuddyPress > Forums setup” and setup forums.

Now you can create a group and enable a discussion forum.

The BP team here needs to write a codex article for people new to BuddyPress, so thanks for reminding us.

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