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Re: Recent Posts Widget Bug?

None of the posts showing are scheduled posts – as I said, they do NOT appear here (although they should).

All those blogs present in the widget have the same permalink-structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/

From 5 posts showing three are from different blogs – all three have wrong links. Although one blog “redmounts” has 1 correct and 2 wrong links (as I said sometimes its right sometimes wrong – it’s not connected with a special blog).

All the wrong links point to a different blog that the article should be in (so it’s not just the wrong article in the correct blog, but a totally different article in totally different blog).

One thing that could possibly be a source: In some blogs the Plugin “wp-o-matic” is active (a plugin that auto-posts from rss-feeds). BUT the plugin ist NOT installed in the blogs “42 Tage für meine Freunde konkret” and “madagaskar” which both have wrong links in the widget.

Honestly – with the present wrong-linked-posts I don’t see a similarity…(and I thought about it alot…) not with the posts themselves…

Thanks for your efforts…!

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