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Re: Recommended Hosting for BuddyPress site?



I am with many sites on MediaTemple Grid and it is pretty good. However some applications really have an impact on your usage. For instance the chatbar scripts really have an high impact. When I started using them I had to pay $150 in overusage each month.

Now I moved to MediaTemple Virtual Server dedicated virtual base and I have endless problems. The main problem is with the “othersockbuf” which has a soft limit of 1.433.738 and a hard limit of 2.662.538. Each time it hits that border the server dies. Which is NOW multiple times a day that I have to reboot the virtual server.

I’ve looked around the web but I could not find a solution. I really have no clue. So maybe i have to to somewhere without this limit.

UPDATE: I have simply clicked “update server from BASE to RAGE” and it seems all my problems are over…. (I also changed the mysql.cnf, killed spamassasin, killed watchdog, killed dns server, smb, secure SMTP…)

A simple solution but it works grin (although it now costs me $100 a month to run a buddypress site).

I also ran: (MT has some great amount of docs on performance tuning)

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