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Re: Recommended Hosting for BuddyPress site?

Ok, now I’m worried. I’m one of a growing number (I suspect) of users who’ve been attracted to setting up a BP/WPMU site by ease of installation, customization etc. and because we’re comfortable using WP for blogging. I chose shared hosting with Hostgator, having checked with them that a) BP and WPMU were supported and b) it was easy to enable wildcards etc. (limit of my technical knowledge reached – playing with anything beyond a bit of FTP is beyond me).

But it appears – from what others say in this thread – all the unlimited bandwidth stuff may have misled me (I’m NOT saying Hostgator did) and that my new site (which may well quickly end up with several thousand users – though most will just have profiles with half a dozen photos and won’t create blogs) could grind to a halt very quickly. Urgh….now I don’t know what to do! It seems from reading this I’ve made a bad decision…

I’m sure there will be those reading this who sigh that I shouldn’t be messing with things I don’t understand and should stick to a Yahoo group, but the point is that Buddypress and WP are accessible and enabling: so, some advice about what I should do going forward would be helpful and welcome.

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