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Re: /register… blank

Hi burtadsit, this relates to my reply to the other post :).

It looks like none of the category slugs get created during the install ( well, not on mine at least ). It also seems like the rewrite rules are screwy, because the only permalink option that works is the default – anything directory based ( e.g. months and name or numeric ) gives 404’s. :(

ClarkConnect is a variant on a Linux CentOS distro, basically a packaged LAMP web server with a nice web based control panel.

I’ve spent about 5 hours on this now… getting nowhere. I doubt a full re-install will help my cause – nothing failed or bombed the first time, and I would just repeat the same. In spite of that, I might try it on one of my shared hosting accounts on a public facing server… and see what happens. If it works, at least I can play “spot the difference”. ;)

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