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Re: Registration notification email not sent & captchas — BP 1.2 beta / WP 2.9.1



Yes, I am running BP 1.2 beta with single-user WP, not WPMU, and it’s a fresh install of both. It’s not a huge issue, I just think philosophically that after a user signs up for a service, they should receive a confirmation email that includes a link to the site, along with their username and password, even if they chose them themselves. This, after all, is what happens with BP in WPMU, although the latter does include the activation link which I assume has been deemed to be unnecessary in the single-user WP version.

I know from experience that users forget their logins over time, and while they can use the “forgot” link on the site, I think having an initial registration acknowledgment saved in email would be beneficial for some users. Also, it gives the site publisher an opportunity to send a greeting message to each new subscriber.

So…any thoughts on how to make this work for me, or whether it will be fixed in the next version of BP? Thanks.

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