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Re: [Resolved]”There was An error when creating the Topic” Un-fixable Problem

The forums component of BuddyPress i.e the forums available under / within ‘Groups’ is provided by a bundled copy of bbPress, so now the extra detail (this is why it’s so vital to supply all pertinent info from the start) you provide somewhat changes the nature of things:

And little more info on the problem, is I am not using the current version of BB, because the latest version just put me on more problems
<snip>because, as an experiment, I switched to the BB default theme!

BB theme? do you mean BP theme?

I think you are going to need to clarify – in detail – your site setup, so were clear on what were dealing with.

So do we take it that you have installed a separate copy of BBpress? of so I suggest that you uninstall / deactivate it and re-run the buddypresss forum install as a fresh install, but I’m not 100% on that as I’m not sure really exactly how you have set things up @mercime may have some thoughts on this so best to wait for further input.

You do need to establish how your site is set up, what paths and directories it uses and as to how you access them well that for most folk is normally via ftp and ftp connection will generally log you into your server root, that is the level above your doc root, you would then normally see a few directories listed. On a Linux server your doc root can variously take names such as html_docs, www, html_public, http_public, htdocs but it’s this directory, however named, that contains your main site files and in WP/BP case it holds the main config, index, and other startup files including bb-config. We can’t really tell you how you access your site that is really something you must work out, you must have got the files up there in the first place or was this one of those script installs?

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