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Re: [Resolved]”There was An error when creating the Topic” Un-fixable Problem




Well at least it looks like you’re really, maybe, starting to get somewhere with the problem now. After you figure all of that out, and if still needed, locating the file within GoDaddy hosting still holds true, it will just likely be located in the “html” folder (or your “doc_root” in layman’s terms, as mercime so sarcastically points out). I didn’t catch the meat of the first page of the post before I replied so my baddie. The big file that you were referring to where the config file may reside just looks to be your absolute hosting path, which I would assume is on GoDaddy’s shared-hosting.


Try not to take things so personally guys and gals. I was in direct contact with Andy Peatling well over a year ago discussing the possibilities of BuddyPress, and I’ve been using WordPress for many, many years now. I’m certainly not an expert on it all, and I don’t claim to be. I just happened by and saw a situation that I thought I could be of help with as I’ve had experience with GoDaddy’s hosting, and I’ve been on the BuddyPress boards many times before, just not to post, so “just everyone cool out” (as Will Ferrell’s version of Neil Diamond would say). I look like the new guy on the block. I get it, don’t worry. My original post still stands though, and I must always remember to heed it’s advice myself as well.

By the way, I did notice that too… The need to probably want to replace the MySQL database info, Auth keys and so forth. I wondered why that was showing there in such a public forum. I’d personally now consider my install compromised and change that info asap.

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