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Re: [Resolved]”There was An error when creating the Topic” Un-fixable Problem

@mercime thanks for linking to the thread I’ll mark this as resolved for the OP ;)

Wish I could track through a series of events but this issue tends to be noticed at such a time when any events or steps to recreate the issue have faded from memory, also I have four primary installs used for testing and two customized installs so tend to forget which one I was working on. In this instance though I do remember it did happen a further time on a production site that I had uploaded and configured this was configured as multi site using subfolders .

I would suggest that perhaps not paying attention and activating BP then going to front end creating a few test groups then realising that I hadn’t set up the forum going back and setting up the forum tables might result in the previous created groups perhaps showing links to forum create topic yet not having a group forum ID to be able to reference the topic to, that would be testable but I would have to set up a fresh install.

So are you a wannabe Mondrian? Not sure and while I tend towards the view that this is a user induced error I’m not 100% convinced there isn’t something else happening and perhaps some form of try/catch that could be implemented to better handle the issue – if of course one could identify the cause in the first place!

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