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Re: RPX + BuddyPress, what technical obstacles should we be aware of?

Arx Poetica


Regarding who is responsible for data, it seems there is a lot of misunderstanding about OpenID out there. I’m not the ultimate evangelist on all this, but 90% of these types of concerns have already been addressed by the real know-hows of distributed social networking.

OpenID does *not* mean everyone has access to everything. Rather, it just becomes a viable way to port information, when necessary or desired, more easily, as well as providing a way for an individual to be identified more easily at any given site — but, again, this doesn’t preclude telling every site everything. Trust is still a site by site variable.

Here’s a list of great reads (plus a web “TV” show!) for those interested in understanding what’s true and what isn’t: (old, but addresses some common concerns) (also old, but an original “diso” reference”) (social stack reworked) (a bunch of videos from the OpenID Summit) (periodic episodes updating the latest in diso)

The final thing I would add is, like it or not, distributed social networking (OpenID and the like) are _already_ here: Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, AOL, MySpace, and a host of other providers have already embraced OpenID, and the clock can’t be turned back. There are still a lot of variables to be worked out (such as “single sign out”!), but BuddyPress would do well to support it, if not because it is a highly useful technology, then at least to support the percentage of customers who are going to want (demand?) the technology.

Anyway, back to RPX and BuddyPress…

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