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Re: RPX support (FB-Connect, OpenID, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, AOL)

Arx Poetica


So has anyone seen Gigya Socialize yet?

Same idea/principle as RPX, only a little more integrated. They have a WordPress plugin, but I can’t seem to get it working on MU, at least not my local copy (which may be the problem).

BuddyPress *really* ought to have the implementation of the “social stack” as high priority, even though much of the specs on what that all entails is still being ironed out.

But with Facebook, Google, MySpace, Yahoo, etc. all embracing OpenID, you can see where this is all headed. (Joseph Smarr calls it a “sea change”:

Anyway, I’m going to be trying to implement one of these OpenID signin authenticators, and get it working from the main page. I’ll try and remember to report if I learn anything or get it working.

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