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Re: Seeking advice for in root or in sub-folder install



Glad you like my sports fundraising concept. Initially my focus is signing up sports organizations. In some cases that’s the school, other times it’s a non-profit organization and other times its the overriding association that might have a dozen or more teams. I’m basically trying to build a platform that will work for any organization that needs to raise money. In fact, I’m having some good success with cheerleading, swimming and dance teams right now too. It could certainly work for a tennis team too;-)

I think it makes sense to move to an all BP site. You’re not going to lose any of the previous benefit since BP can be configured to have all the features of your previous HTML pages.

To do what I described, you create a page and assign it a page-template (see WordPress for page template details). The page template can show pretty much anything you want. Then, create a second blank page with the title “Blog” (or whatever you want to call your blog pages). Then, go to Setting->Reading. Set the “Front Page” to the page you created with the page-template. Then, set the “Posts page” to the blank “Blog” page you created. That will make your home page the page template and give you a blog page. I actually do have my blog linked, but only at the bottom of the page: Plus, I haven’t done many posts yet;-)

There are a couple other ways to do your blog like this, but that was the easiest one I found and it worked well for me.

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