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Re: Seo for Buddypress 1.0 beta



Newest beta fixes forum threads returning title of thread rather than most recently updated one. Yay!

But introduces a new bug, for me, on a non-standard setup. I’ve got the forums as my front page. The way I’m doing it is by creating a new Page in the dashboard, using a custom template that consists of the normal template code for the forums index, and selecting that page in Settings—>Reading to be the home page for the site.

Oddly, the title for that page (which is the index page of the main site now, and renders the forums list) is now ‘Blog’. The title of the actual WP page in question is ‘Discussions’ which I thought it would pick up, at least.

It worked fine with the earlier version (1.0.7?)

Also, confirming greg’s problem with blog creation — it just boots me back to /blogs/create/ when I hit the “Create Blog” button. This is using 1.0.9 beta.

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