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Re: Setting up registration with buddypress and s2member



From my experience with s2member you have to have the PayPal buttons first, have them pay. Then after they pay on PayPal they are redirected to a registration page where you can have them fill out all the forms. I don’t believe you can do it the other way around with s2member. Although, they’ve created some really advanced scripting that might make it possible, but by default the order is as I describe above. I’m guessing it would be hard to change.

I’ve actually done as you describe on I basically just redirect the user after the signup is complete to a credit card page where I collect the money. Then, after collecting the money I redirect them to a Thank You page which lists all the things they can do on the site. However, I had to do a custom integration with a merchant processor (BrainTree) in my case to make it happen. If my site bombs, maybe I’ll make it into a plugin;-)

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