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Re: Simple BuddyPress Profile Privacy



@r-a-y: Didn’t see that one, and after hunting around for a while I decided to stop hunting and make one work. I read and write code pretty fast so for me making one work is faster than hunting in this case.

Anyway, the one I released allows for only showing info to logged in users. The plugin you linked doesn’t do that. Plus I don’t see any reason not to give the user total control over their profile since it’s their info (thus no need for a setting to “Let user decide” )

Also, the one you linked has controls in the admin panel that govern a user’s profile. So if you want to let a user control their own settings you have to set every profile field to “Let User Decide” which is fine, until you add new profile fields and forget to go back and make that adjustment for the new fields.

I like the no maintenance route of just automatically letting the user take total control of their info.

Thanks for the link though.

And for clarity’s sake, I didn’t write the original code. I simply modified it to work with BP 1.2 and added a few features.

As for UI, there’s no need for an admin interface so none exists. To handle display of the field controls you have to modify CSS to work with your particular template unless it works out of the box Ok for you. Same as any plugin that puts content on a site.

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