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Re: Single WP supported on latest trunk



I had to reinstall the latest BP trunk with WP 2.9 as main directory of the domain instead under a sub directory of the domain to make the theme to work very well. Im going to continue to test different plugins made for BP to see how it reacts differently than WPMU platform.

Since someone worked on latest WPMU trunk that merged the code of WP/WPMU already that will become the 3.0 so what’s the benefit of getting the current trunk to work on Single WP version or it’s better for us to continue on single WP toward to 3.0 which my current website already been on single WP platform. It might be easier for me to continue the single wp until 3.0 with BP to work perfectly together, right?

I appreciated the effort to enable the single wp for BP today instead later on! Kudos to Andy and his team :)

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