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Re: So, your BP site is up! Now, how to bring the people in and start using it?



@erich73: did you hear about email ? ;-)


i want to come back to your first question around the “marketing point of view”. I recently searched about “community manager” and found a lot of answers in the marketing sector. Not what i expected, but suddenly i realised that while we’re playing with BP, some marketers with long teeth are building complicated strategies to conquest markets with social tools. To make it brief, for these marketers, a community manager is a kind of “propaganda staffel” leader, if you understand this expression.

If not and to be clear, i asked holly Google and here is what the algorythm god said to me:

marketing & social networks 119 000 000 -> results

marketing & strategy 89 100 000

marketing & experts 74 800 000

marketing & teacher 48 800 000

marketing & mass media 41 000 000

marketing & professor 33 900 000

marketing & humor 16 300 000

and the best for the end:

marketing usability 5 640 000

and now let us compare with:

buddypress 2 680 000

buddypress and marketing 601 000

so we can finally enlarge to a more generic request as:

marketing & open source 64 400 000

which lies somewhere between “teachers” and “experts”.

This are funny examples to illustrate what you can expect for your question “in terms of marketing”.

View a brief resume here:

(not intended to offend anybody here)

A community is a group of people, unified around a project, a personnality, ideas and a RICH CONTENT. But it is also a forum (in sense of forum romanum) and naturally a politic placeholder, as a process by which groups of people make collective decisions.

So you don’t need our opinion about why and how to build a community. This is your intimate affair. You have the choice and what you decide, you have to assume.

Requesting the recipe does not cook the potatoes. Giving the recipe either.

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