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Re: So, your BP site is up! Now, how to bring the people in and start using it?



I think that the tool doesn’t make the community. BP is just a tool, not a passport for have anything…

If you know your community, the people who make it, their needs in matter of communication , you can choose a tool; Maybe BP, maybe another system…

Don’t think that if you invest a lot of your time and efforts into the tool settings, that you receive immediate feedback from anybody. As a BP user, you’re only the tool builder, a part, a little part of a fresh borned community or an old one, with many subscribers and perhaps plenty years of experience and several internal usage.

Depends also of the age of the public you accept. Sharing with “internet generation” people is not the same as sharing with seniors… Sharing with sport clubs is not the same as sharing in a business company.

I’m always affraid when reading here on the forum, people who ask for enhancement a la facebook ! This is only trend, not long term usage… It’s now, not tomorrow. And maintaining a community or simply a group is not only manage today, it’s essentially manage tomorrow, but also next mounth or more better, next year.

BP didn’t this. And never will do i guess ;-)

BP can be a trap if you don’t take care of what people are. Bp certainly brings you some satisfaction if you give people what they want, but this doesn’t give you any waranty that you are right by deciding “now i have my BP community”, because the second question who follows immediatly after is: “where are the people ?”.

Your question above is the evidence of that.

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