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Re: {SOLVED} Do I need WordPress MU to Get Blogs on BuddyPress?

Hi hnla,

I am using WP3.0 (a fresh install). I will follow the guide to get multisites via the link you left… really I just want everyone to have a blog if that’s possible and get all the recent entries to show on the home page.

As for the forums… yes I have enabled them in the backend, see screenshot here >>
I’m wondering if you might have time to register and test this? It’s odd.. the post just disappears into the ether. The site is at

The profile on the default theme is fine! It’s the other theme I had that made things completely nonsensical (it’s not a BP theme, just a regular theme with a plugin to give BP function… but it’s not good!). It just was terrible. Couldn’t make any sense of anything in user profiles.

I’ve switched to the default theme. It’s not as ‘pretty’ as my other theme that I had, but it sure makes a lot more sense. I am not yet at the stage of themeing.. this is my first run at using BuddyPress… so I’m learning all of it on the fly (like most people who come here I guess).

If I could just get the forum posts to work, I’d be set….

Thanks so much for the help!

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