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Re: Some questions about BLOG POSTS in BP. Help please



@jujunkie – hi there, you should be able to get free support from theme authors after purchasing that premium theme. I don’t know what files they have in there but here’s giving it a try:

“how can i create a button besides the ABOUT button to easily point out the blog?”
I assume that your theme has a home.php (most premium themes do), so follow #2 instruction here – – take care to delete the space between less than sign and question mark in the posted codes

“how can multiple users write in that blog under their own names?”
Do you mean you want to set up your installation as one site with many authors – you’re not giving them free blogs? Then you should at least make your users “Contributors” – where you have to approve each post before in order for the post to be published – or “Authors” whose can publish their posts without any moderation.

“how can the titles or summaries of those posts be shown in the homepage?”
Looks like your home page is widgetized in the left column. Go to Appearance > Widgets and get the “Recent Posts” widget on left side and move to appropriate widget name.

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