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Re: Subdomain support in BP



That is correct.

In fact,

– the main site is in the root folder,

– sub-domains are the form chosen on install

– I am using Group Blog

– as a new group blog gets created it is in the form for the blog, but all the group functions are in the form

So, . . . when I am viewing the “blog” all the buddypress links convert to subdomain(groupname), friends, forums, etc. and as such all return “page not found”

I would think that buddypress would understand the stucture of my setup and would assume in the subdomain option that all blogs correspond to groups and as such show data and create links appropriately.

Would that be the desired functionality for the plugin? Or is buddypress designed to operate in the context of a blog rather than the blog operating in the context of a group?

Perhaps I am trying to do something that “should work”, but my method of accomplishing this may be flawed by using the Group Blog plugin?

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